eBilling Campaign

‘Make Paper Bills a thing of the past’

Year 2016
Design Skills Campaign, Photography, Experimental

During Summer 2016 I worked as a graphic designer on behalf of East Suffolk Council. Whilst there I was asked to design an advertising campaign to encourage people to sign up to their eBilling platform for all bill payments. When being briefed I was told to ‘make paper bills a thing of the past’ this led me to the idea of creating a campaign based around origami dinosaurs where the idea of a paper bill has been turned into a thing of the past.

I was given complete creative freedom on this project which led to a very exciting and experimental design process. I worked independently on the campaign so every element including the creation of the dinosaurs and photography was carried out by myself. The final campaign is a bold and eye-catching multi-platform set of designs that breathes life into a subject that is often considered to be dull.

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