‘Make fashion Circular’

Year 2020
Design Skills Branding, Campaign, Photography

Developed as a part of my MA study Patchi is a brand developed to try and answer the question of making the fashion industry more environmentally friendly and addressing the damage that fast throwaway fashion has on our world. The idea behind Patchi primarily consists of two elements, teaching people how to repair their clothing in interesting ways which add a design flair to the garment and creating and supplying designer clothes patches made from 100% recycled and reused cotton.

The Patchi name is taken from Japanese meaning ‘to patch’ this links to the inspiration I took from Japanese culture and repairing clothes, in particular, the Sashiko style which uses elegant stitching to not only repair clothes but also add to the overall design aesthetic of the garment. I believe that patching clothing should presented as a viable alternative to buying new clothes. The idea is that a service such as Patchi would show people how to give their worn-out clothing a new lease of life and express personality and individuality and at the same time reduce the negative impact of the fast fashion industry.

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