An exploration of bias

Year 2020
Design Skills Experimental, Branding, Campaign

Everyone has a bias or a place where they primarily go for information and news. Having a bias isn’t in itself a bad thing, but it’s when people have a blind bias and are not open to learn or engage with other perspectives that an echo chamber can occur. This project was developed during my MA to encourage people to question whether they are living in an echo chamber and not engaging with the full truth behind news stories in their day to day lives. This is what I am looking to explore with ‘The Echo Chamber’.

The project itself was experimental throughout the development, I decided to experiment with a scanner glitch technique to focus on the idea of truth being distorted by sensationalism. The posters for the campaign are simple in their execution primarily focussing on the large sensationalist message with the smaller truth being written in a more reserved font, this adds to the visual metaphor I was trying to achieve.

This experimental project combines both digital and physical design methods to create an eye-catching blend of styles for the final posters.

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