The NEws

A Newspaper for the 21st century

Year 2017
Design Skills Publication, Branding, Experimental

Created as the Major Project to conclude my Graphic Design BA, The News is an experimental prototype newspaper for the 21st century. Created as a response to the idea that print media is dying I wanted to research how a newspaper could be redesigned to implement technology and be relevant in the 21st century. The News combines quality articles with NFC technology printed within the paper, a service offered by ArjoWiggins, to create a modern and interactive newspaper experience.

All articles printed within ‘The News’ feature NFC chips embedded in the page to both share articles to social media and to give the articles more context. For example, an article reviewing a movie could open a trailer to play on your phone or a restaurant review could open directions to that specific restaurant.

Whilst this is a hypothetical concept, I believe that the fusion of traditional print newspapers and interactive smart device technology is an avenue that has huge potential for future design projects.

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