‘We can all change the world’

Year 2019
Design Skills Branding, Campaign, Photography

Created whilst working on my MA, ‘You Are Change’ is an idea for a platform that was created in response to the feeling that individual people can’t make a difference in the world. I disagree with this idea and developed ‘You Are Change’ a brand idea that has been designed to be used on many campaigns all to encourage people to discuss the issues in our society and highlight the fact that individuals have the power to become the change we need.

The first exploration with ‘You Are Change’ was to create a series of posters highlighting the negative stigma attached to homelessness and how many perceptions are prejudiced and incorrect. I took images around Ipswich, where I have seen people sleeping rough in the past, and used these to highlight homelessness in my local setting. Through the design I wanted people to question negative perceptions they may have to become more understanding and to help end the stigma.

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